Something Something Siege: Why Rainbow Six is Awesome Again

rainbow siege

Sometimes – just sometimes – I wonder if game developers consider the punability of their game titles. Or, more specifically, how effectively I’m able to derive a pun from said titles.

That’s not to say that punability – which is seemingly now a word – has anything to do with fun, of course. And nothing proves that more than Rainbow Six: Siege, a title about as punable, well, you’ve seen the post header.

What Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer shooter lacks in wordplay, then, it more than makes up for in gameplay. Yes sir, the latest entry in the long-running Rainbow Six series might be one of the best multiplayer shooters ever made. Of all time.

Read on to siege why.

Rainbow isn’t about ‘da MVP’ – it’s not about the player-turned-hero unit who wins the game with a three-figure kill streak. No, Ubi’s multiplayer-only shooter is about patience, decision making and restraint. Siege is a game in which often the best action is to take no action at all.

In short, Siege is a game in which sitting on your Dorito-munching, Mountain Dew-chugging caboose saves lives.

Players aren’t gun-toting infinity symbols waiting to replace themselves after a five-second cooldown. Death means death, where eliminating an enemy player isn’t followed by a mad push forward before they replace themselves. That adrenaline rush from being sat on your arse waiting for those dastardly terrorists to appear is nothing short of awesome – a moment where the slightest slip of concentration often costs you the game.

Imagine: you’re sat in a basement, guarding the objective. You hear explosions – walls, doorways, and windows being demolished. You hear footsteps – they’re getting closer. Four doors, two windows, five men. Which entrance will they use? Which entrance would I use? Should I put barbed wire beneath that soon-to-be ceiling cavity?

And that, right there, is the true beauty of Rainbow Six: Siege – it gives you time to empathise with the people trying to knock your block off. You have to imagine what you would do in their boots. When that inevitable role reversal happens – and you become those dastardly terrorists – you have to imagine what they might expect and shift your strategy to compensate. All the guns and gadgets in the world won’t compensate for a lack of tactical empathy.

And it ain’t half brilliant.

Siege is largely a case of mind over matter, with the latter reduced to the stuff you put into the chest of your opponent to seal the deal. Being able to shoot helps, of course – but it rarely compensates for tactical empathy, teamwork and patience.

Indeed, I siege a bright future for Rainbow Six.

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